Deep Breaths

There comes a point in any new relationship that the honeymoon phase ends. This past week or so, I arrived at that point. A combination of waking up early and going to bed late for classes and being frustrated by the Transmilenio and exhausted from biking everywhere as a consequence and sad because my closest friend here, Camilo, left and stressed out due to the NEVER-ENDING construction happening directly outside my window all have contributed to this. Oh, and hormones. That’s a thing. I don’t feel like a visitor anymore, which is cool, but living somewhere means responsibilities and such. Balance is always a challenge, not putting too much pressure on myself and not dissolving expectations altogether.

Moving somewhere new, which I’ve done several times already, is always like a refresher-course on yourself: which of your characteristics vary depending on your location or circumstances and which of them consistently follow you? (For better or for worse.)

Building good habits is important. Obviously. For example, I know that running helps me with stress, but I don’t have any parks at an easy walking distance from my apartment like I did at my last house. After waking up to construction this morning and pacing with stress for a while, I decided to bike to the nearest park, Simon Bolivar, lock up my bike, and run there. It was actually a really good plan. The point is, one has to make changes, to adapt to their surroundings. Putting down roots and building healthy habits? Anyone can do that. The challenge really comes when you are forced to do it again and again and again. Maybe coming here was a way for me to face that challenge, to overcome it, and then realize that if I can do that, I can do anything.

Growth. Adaptation. Gratefulness…


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