Busy Busy

Hola! It’s been a while, huh? This past week I had the beautiful Ms. Sara Glesne here to visit me and celebrate my birthday (Yay! 24! Back to an even number age! Yay!) and take some time off of the old grind. We took a trip out to the country, visited a salt mine / church (below), went dancing, went swimming, biked around the city, etc. etc. Image

It was great to have my different worlds come together and to spend time with m’gal. Also, she brought back some hamentashen from the states, which no birthday would be complete without! (I shared the hamenstashen with many friends and upon tasting the cookie one friend responded, “Es soltera tu mama?”)
Thankfully, today was a holiday– when I ask people for what, most of them just shrug– so I got to relax a bit. Tomorrow is back to work and I will start 2 new classes, one of them which will be a M-F class and one of them a T-Th class with 8 students. As such, I better rest up. I’ve been mostly using disposable cameras these days, so I’ll upload those as soon as I get the rolls developed.

Until next time….!



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