Good news! I finally got my Colombian visa and Colombia identification number! Woohoo! I’m a legal Colombian resident until the end of 2014! YEEEEEEUUUUUUHHHH!

Blah, Blah, 5 Minutes to Spare

Hey, y’all. I haven’t been writing here very much and I’d like to work on that, so since I’ve got about 5 minutes to spare before going in to work, I’ll ramble for a little bit:

Today is Monday. I woke up at 5 AM and lied in bed until 5:30, thinking about how I didn’t want to get out of bed over and over. I turned on the light and hissed like a vampire, then grumbled and went to the bathroom to get ready. One of my other roommates has a son who lives in the house. He is about 13, I think, and was up and getting ready for school at that same time, but the rest of the house was dark and still and quiet. The gas has been turned off all weekend (grumble) so I made oatmeal in the microwave and ate it while I downloaded lessons I made which I had e-mailed to myself from another computer. I switched from sweatpants to a pencil skirt, threw on a jacket, and speed walked out the door. It’s always freezing when I wake up, but by the time I speed walk to the Transmilenio station– about 7 blocks from my house– I’m already too warm in my peacoat and scarf. (Hm… I wonder why it’s called that. It’s not made of peas and it doesn’t look like a peacock, either. Hm.)
I went to the end of the line on the Transmilenio and sped walked to the Mercedez Benz dealership. Today, we practiced adjectives by acting them out in a game of charades and I taught them the parts of the human body by drawing a picture on the whiteboard. Fun stuff, if you ask me! I’m working on figuring out the best way to teach and play games at the same time. After class I left for the next class: I take the Transmilenio from calle 185 to calle 100 and walk for about 15-20 minutes to a coffee shop that is right behind the “Citibank” building where I teach my class. Well, I actually teach the class at the “Equion” petroleum company, but it’s within the Citibank building. I’m here, now, waiting for my student in the lobby. It’s quite fancy, here: everyone is dressed in button downs and ties and heels and such. There’s a coffee and cappuccino machine and a big screen TV that’s always streaming the news and I have to show my passport and use my fingerprint to enter the building!
My class after this one isn’t until this evening, with two little girls: one is 7 years old and one is 9. They’re pretty cute. I met them last week but this week will be my first class. On the bright side, I’ll have midday today to do some lesson planning. This weekend I wasn’t very productive. I went to a party on Friday night, went to a meeting with a potential client on Saturday morning (with a hangover!), did a little shopping, watched TV online, rearranged the furniture and cleaned in my room, made some soup for a friend who was sick at his house, hung out with roommates that night and fell asleep because I even had a chance to watch Alien 2 with them! I was really beat. On Sunday I met up with some friends, had coffee and went to this bike festival, which was strikingly similar to a bike festival that one might see in Minneapolis or Brooklyn. We didn’t stay long: the hipster energy was a bit stifling– attractive, but stifling. Then, last night, I did some more lesson planning and photo editing. That’s a lot of what I do, lately! I’d like to paint and write and read more, but I’m  quite good at making excuses for not doing those things. We’ll see this month how well Motivated Me fares up against Stubborn Excusey Me. Stay tuned!