Looking Back on the Year

Happy 2014!! Can you believe it? It seems like a year that would never come, like all the calendar companies were bluffing.
“2014? Sure, I’m looking into a crystal ball and it looks as it you’ll live in….. ((throws a dart at a map)) Bogota, Colombia in 2014.
And on March 32nd at 1:62 in the afternoon, you’ll meet a man named Gdansk who will offer you a job working at his greeting card company.”

This past year was full of some tremendous experiences: it was my first year of being out of school, I had my first solo art show,  spent time with some great friends, met some incredible people, did some interviews for MPLSTYLE as well as a bit of writing for the MXDWELL website, worked my butt off in the summer and, of course, made the move to Colombia. Moving to Colombia was one of the biggest if not biggest decisions of my life and I couldn’t be happier with it. I can’t say what’ll happen in the future or how long I’ll be here, but I’m so happy to have picked myself up and made it happen, rather than freezing my butt off over there right now! This past weekend at the wedding of my good friends Laura and Aaron really reaffirmed that, hanging out at La Mesa, Colombia, an area about 2 hours outside of the city. It was hot, gorgeous and a wonderful time amongst new friends.

_DSC1479b_square _DSC0097-sm _DSC0169sm

As you can see, everything is awful, here.
I’ll upload more pictures and try to be better about updates soon, but I have to get some sleep in before waking up at 5 AM for class tomorrow. Eep!


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