Más Allá del Rollo

Take a look back at the old posts– many I updated with disposable camera photos to supplement the stories. Here are a few other photos from other moments this past month:

This is Gonzalo and Milena. While riding a bus in Buenos Aires, I commented on his tattoos. He mentioned that he does graphic design. One thing lead to another and he invited me a party. Not long after I left BsAs, he met Milena, a Colombian, moved to Bogota and had a beautiful baby girl. This photo is from a night when we all hung out and played Charades, in Spanish. I had a bit of a disadvantage, but I made it work.

Aaron is also from Minneapolis and has been helping me meet people and learn the ropes since I’ve got here. This is from just a typical Friday night, making sparks.

The guy on the left is Andres, one of my roommates, at a fair at Corferias. Corferias is a HUGE venue where various fairs take place. This one happened to be dedicated to comics and anime. This stand was mostly notebooks designed and created by another roommate, as well as some makes made by another roommate and various other art pieces. Andres pauses in the madness, while people swarm the stand. And let me just say, this event was WEIRD. I’m all in favor of people being a part of whatever subculture they’d like, but being wedged in a crowd packed with people dressed like anime characters with cardboard swords and gargoyle wings and such is not exactly my idea of a good time. I got in and out of there quick….

I have more photos, but I’ve got to figure out how to get them off my phone, first. This week will be a busy one, with a lot of classes, but I’m not complaining.
Talk soon.


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