In and Out of Touch

In and Out of Touch

It’s hard to keep the ones you love close when they feel so far. Skype really makes a difference when you need someone to talk to, someone who speaks your language: crazy. Fortunately, this past week I had a visitor: David B, from the good ol’ Mini-Apple. I just sent him off yesterday and was pretty busy running around while he was here, but it was SO refreshing to see a familiar face.


Mostly we just walked around, ate food and caught up. He and I left Minneapolis around the same time, so both of us have been on a different life path for the past two months, give or take. On Tuesday morning, he left for Ecuador. Lauren and Lyric (pictured above) did the same, trading their comfy nests for suitcases and sofa beds.
Just about every day someone asks me, “Why are you here?” and I want to ask them, “Why are YOU here? Do you love it? Or is there somewhere else you’d rather be?” Not having the comforts of home can be super stressful. I sometimes wonder where I put things, close my eyes and can picture said missing item in a dresser or nightstand that I’ve given away or sold or left at my parent’s house. It’s easy to feel like the things that comfort us will always be just out of reach, but I don’t think that’s only true with living away from home. One might feel the same way in stagnancy. I know I did.
It’s been raining every day this week. I ride my bike or ride the Transmilenio or ride in a taxi and try to focus on staying dry and taking one thing at a time. Work has been crazy and inconsistent and I’ve been running all over town. I want to fill you all in, but I have to wake up at around 5.15 tomorrow morning to make it to a 6.50 class. I’ll try to post an update soon.
I may not get enough sleep, but I get by with a little help from my friends…


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