No Internet, Daylight Saving Face

All day yesterday, the internet was out. I asked one of my roommates if it was from the storm and she said it was most likely that someone stole the cable box. As such, I went to a coffee shop with my mini computer to get some work done before my evening class. What I forgot to consider was that my little computer, which I hadn’t used for at least a week, had responded to the Midwest time change and changed to an hour behind Bogota time. I left the coffee shop to my house with an hour and a half before my class, which takes an hour to get to. I got home, had a quick snack, and looked at my Colombian cell phone: not 5:15 PM, as I was expecting, but 6:15 PM; 15 minutes before my class.

I grabbed my things, ran out the house and down the road to the major avenue and tried to hail a cab. Unfortunately, it wasn’t that easy. When it rains, most cabs are full. Fortunately, after about five minutes with my arm out, I found a man exiting a taxi, fought off a nun (just kidding) and got in. We started heading towards my student’s house, but the traffic was AWFUL. At 6:45 I called my student, said I wouldn’t get there until about 7:30 and tried to explain the clock situation, which sounded– even to me– like a load o’ horseshit. I heard through the found her yell to her mom. A minute later she said that that was very late and we should just cancel class for the day. So there I am, stuck in traffic, 20-some minutes of metered taxi time, feeling irresponsible and embarrassed. I got out of the cab and took the Transmilenio home, which, at the very least, was cheaper. When I got to my station, I stopped for some Comida Rapida; essentially fast food. I ordered a SuperChori for 3.000 pesos ($1.50), which is a sausage in a hot dog bun loaded up with mustard, little crispie fries, onion and ham. Quite good, actually, but not enough to erase the shame of missing my only class of the day!

As I left the restaurant/shop and began walking home, I ran into two roommates who were buying beer and cigarettes from Oxxo, a mini mart chain. I told them what happened and they laughed and told me not to worry.

When we got home, the internet was still out. “When there’s no internet, what else is there to do but drink beer?” they said. I hadn’t spent a ton of time bonding with them and hey! No internet! So we all sat in the living room and chatted about various things including intentions of having an art exhibition at the house, seeing as we’re all artists. I asked if they’d like to use some of my art paper and then retrieved some from my room. The four of us ended up hanging out until about three in the morning, the front door open, listening to the rain, drinking beer and drawing, listening to Buena Vista Social Club and passing around a Cuban cigar.

So all right,
there’s no internet, daylight savings screwed me up from thousands of miles away,
but I’m in Colombia.
I’m making friends, making art and maybe,
making progress.


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