Of Kittens and Buckets

OK, so I haven’t been as great about posting poems as I had hoped, but some of the poems are less than stellar, so I don’t want to bother. I HAVE, however, taken some mini photo adventures this week, so I’ll offer those, instead:

The transmilenio stop closest to my apartment is called “Flores” because it’s a HUGE concentrated area of flower vendors.
I went for a walk around the neighborhood and found this guy, the guard protecting the aquarium parking lot, or something. After much convincing, I got to take the photo.
This cute couple waits for a buseta in front of a plaza in my neighborhood.
My roommates! All 6 of them!
Rico (AKA “Gordo”) soaks up the sun.
Beautiful graffiti I found near my apartment. Everywhere is a treasure trove!

OK so I’m gonna run through a quick list of new things going on and then I’m going to get started with my day:
-I joining a boxing gym called “Fight Club Bogota.” I’d say that’s pretty note-worthy.
-My classes are going well and every day I get a little bit more comfortable.
-Yesterday, a friend gave me a lovely tour of a very ritzy neighborhood up on high ground over-looking the city. There were lots of deep sighs and “one day”s.
-All better from the food poisoning incident!! Learning from my mistake and being more careful about the products I buy…
-Working on looking for a new apartment after my temporary situation expires at the end of this month. It’s not my favorite process, particularly because my Colombian cell phone is lousy and it’s hard to hear the person talking on the other end, which is even harder in Spanish!!

In other news, I thought I should share some
Charming Quirks I’ve encountered thus far:
-The yogurt is very liquidy. You drink it out of a cup. It’s pretty much the consistency of cream.
-Lemons do not exist here. There are only limes, which people call “limones” because there’s only one kind. I’ll live.
-Toilet seats are not considered a necessity. Half the time you’ll find them on toilets, half the time you won’t. Come on, ladies, the balancing act isn’t THAT hard!
-The shower at my apartment does not have a drain. One must shower with a bucket between their legs and then empty out the bucket into the toilet after each shower.
That one is my favorite.

All right, kittens. Time to be productive.
Hasta luego, Winnebago.


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