Iggy Pop Feels Old and So Do I

In the past two days I’ve had not one, not two, but NINE CLASSES!
Talk about jumpin’ right in!
From 1:30-9 PM are five 80 minute classes back-to-back with ten minute breaks in between. Unfortunately, on the first day I hadn’t quite gotten the breaks down, so I ended up having more like three minute breaks in between. It was exhausting! The classes yesterday went better. You know what else?
I actually think I’m doing a good job! The guy, David, who trained me in told me that he overheard some students from my class talking about how much they enjoyed me as a teacher! ((Heads spins 360 degrees)) Uwhuuuuuut????!!! In the US, I highly doubt I could find a class to teach with no teaching certification. I’m super glad I got the chance, though, ’cause I actually really like it! My students are super respectful, too, calling me “Teacher” and thanking me and the end of class. I just want to go up to them, take their hand and say,
“No! Thank you for not throwing tomatoes and other rotten vegetables at me
whenever I seem like I don’t know what I’m doing!”

Yesterday, I had my first talk with a student about the importance of applying oneself. OH, how the desks have turned! Speaking of, I ended up seriously dating myself when I was trying to use examples.

Silly? Silly is like…. Adam Sandler movies. Or like Dumb and Dumber. You know?”
((Class looks at me, confused.))

Later, while talking about airport terms, the word passenger came up. I said,
“Haven’t you heard that song by Iggy Pop, ‘Passenger?’ ”
Class: “Who’s Iggy Pop?”
Me: OK everyone, you have a homework assignment tonight…



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