Getting Settled

I’m still trying to make sense of what it means to move to a new city. In a new country. When I moved to Minneapolis, there was order: orientations, schedules, meal plans, etc. It takes time to get in the swing of what food to eat and how to spend the days and such. Tomorrow I’m meeting with someone to discuss work, which I’ve known for a few days, so for the past two days I’ve been trying to figure out the other stuff.

-First off, each day involves considerable wandering. There is more or less a grid system to the streets– Los Calles (streets) run east to west and Las Carreras (also streets) run north to south– but for now I’ve been sticking to learning El Centro (downtown)/La Candelaria neighborhood, which is where I’m staying now. Apart from that, there’s a bit of a “breathing curve,” you could say. At 2,625 meters (8,612 ft) above sea level, the altitude (from being in the Andes mountain range) takes a bit of getting used to. The magnificent views absolutely make up for it, though.

_DSC0058b _DSC0055b
The view from the roof of the apartment I’m staying at.

Por suerte, the Spanish is coming back to me just fine. There are always new words to learn, though, as demonstrated to me by the game of Spanish Scrabble Javi and I played last night. (I won by 2 points by the way!) I’m also trying to get the hang of Colombian slang.


-I officially have my very own basic-as-they-come Colombian cell phone! Yee haw! I have also been apartment hunting, which is going mas o menos. (So so.)

-Thousands of miles, three layovers and a bunch of duct tape later, my bike is finally back to one piece. With help from many friends, I got most of it fixed in house, but I left my baby at the bike shop overnight to get air put in the tires and the handlebar fork to be tightened with a wrench I didn’t have. Then comes the NEXT step, which is biking on cobblestone. I think taking the bike apart, flying it over and putting it back together might be the easy part…

Other than all that, I’ve been to a few museums and walking around a lot. I’ll leave y’all with a few more pictures and sometime later this week I’ll try to do a post about what everyone really is interested in: THE FOOD.


Public art: hardened pants sitting in the road. Why? Why not!?

Public art: hardened pants sitting in the road. Why? Why not!?

(Temporarily not raining)



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